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50L liquid nitrogen machine has been delivered

50L liquid nitrogen machine has been delivered


Thank the Russian customers for their support and trust in Huilin! This is their customized 50L liquid nitrogen machine, which is fully automatic, unattended, and can directly cool to 193 degrees below zero. Huilin Company completed production on time with quality and quantity guaranteed as required.

Guangzhou Huilin Air Separation Equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the development and production of various on-site gas production equipment. The main business includes: production and sales of various gas separation systems, and rental of gas production equipment. According to the customer's own needs, we can provide them with the manufacture of non-cryogenic gas equipment.

Since its establishment, the company has provided hundreds of sets of nitrogen generators and oxygen generators of various specifications and purities for various industries around the world. Excellent product quality, good service and perfect management of the company have been widely praised.