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Nitrogen Liquefier Working principle

Nitrogen Liquefier Working principle

16 Jul 2019

Nitrogen Liquefier Working principle

The cryogenic mixed refrigerant throttle refrigerator is adopted in this nitrogen liquefier. It is based on the regenerative multi-component mixed refrigerant throttle refrigeration cycle. The high, middle and low boiling point pure components are selected to compose multi-component mixed refrigerants. The relay matching of effective refrigeration temperature zones of each boiling point component is realized. It can be cooled from ambient temperature to -196 ° C, the purpose of nitrogen liquefaction (-180 ° C @ 0.6 MPa) is achieved.

small liquid nitrogen generator

Features of HUILIN small liquid nitrogen generator:

1. The machine runs automatically and nobody is on duty.

2. Less land occupation, low height (maximum Height≤2500mm)

3. Quick speed of liquid nitrogen output: It only takes 1.5 hours from start-up to liquid nitrogen output.

4. Mature technology ,Safe and reliable operation and easy maintenance.

With ordinary refrigerator compressors on the market, people who can repair refrigerators will ba able to repair it.

Guangzhou HUILIN air separation equipment Co.,Ltd produce small liquid nitrogen generator.

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