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Freezing Durian in Liquid Nitrogen

Freezing Durian in Liquid Nitrogen


1. Since durian does not have any fruit acid and has high sweetness and sugar content, it is easy to go bad. If it is a durian that matures naturally on the tree, it will basically go bad in less than 2 to 3 days. Therefore, all durians that mature naturally on the tree are Only liquid nitrogen can be frozen into the market, whether it is from Thailand or Malaysia, it can only be processed locally, frozen, stored, transported and exported. In recent years, liquid nitrogen frozen durians have appeared in the Chinese market, because China has opened liquid nitrogen frozen durians to Malaysia, and Thailand has also launched liquid nitrogen frozen durians in response to market demand.

2. It is generally believed that the durian frozen in liquid nitrogen is not fresh. In fact, the fresh durian sold in the market is not fresh, because the durian has high requirements on the storage environment. If you want to transport it at room temperature for a long time, only It can be picked and transported for export when the durian is not yet ripe. Thailand's durians are generally plucked and exported when they are 5 mature; when they are 7 mature, they are plucked and exported. This is the so-called "fresh durian" in the market, and it is because of this that there are dry packs and wet packs in the market.

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