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Huilin nitrogen generator successfully debugged

Huilin nitrogen generator successfully debugged


HUILIN nitrogen generator successfully debugged


The nitrogen generator provided by Huilin Company Successful commissioning in Inner Mongolia Deli Aluminum Company

 nitrogen generator

Seeing the big stove on the picture, people familiar with aluminum processing should be clear: this is a melting furnace for aluminum processing. The scrap aluminum is melted here to remove the slag, which becomes fine aluminum and then processed into various aluminum products.

In the process of melting, aluminum must be filled with nitrogen and separated from air to prevent oxidation of aluminum at high temperatures. The refined aluminum has no bubbles, bright color and high quality.

The Inner Mongolia Deli Aluminum Company purchased HUILIN's nitrogen gas generator and successfully completed the installation and commissioning.

Aluminium processing requires a large amount of nitrogen to be charged at one time, so a large gas storage tank is needed, and the nitrogen produced by the nitrogen generator is stored in the gas storage tank, and is filled into the melting furnace at a time when needed.

HUILIN company specializes in producing nitrogen generators:

nitrogen gas generator

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