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Our After-sales Services

Our After-sales Services


Our After-sales Services

As a company with ten years of development, design and production of nitrogen generators and oxygen generators,Huilin Company's fast support and considerate service are important guarantees for equipment efficiency and safety investment. Huilin has an engineering and technical team. We will always provide you with the most professional support and services.

Our After-sales Services

1. The HUILIN engineers will take the responsibility to installation guide, debug, and application training.

2. Engineers would establish computer files for each equipment, and will regularly remind users to record the operation of equipment, update the records of equipment, and maintenance the equipments. They will survey about uses of product and consult service views.

3. The HUILIN provides equipment for a period of 12 months.

4. The HUILIN Company maintains adequate spare parts inventory in the types of user’s equipment, and provides user with the concessions supply of accessories and free technical advisory services.

Honest management, stable development is a basic way of HUILIN.

We will specialize in developing new technology, improving craft of unit, reinforcing quality, offering excellent production and service, creating more value for the client.

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