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Fabricante de aparelhos carregadores de baterias fundada em 1956 e, a Inpec - Indústria de Produtos Eletrônicos e Cerâmicos, de 1963, produtora de núcleos de ferrite , equipamentos de ultra-som e cristais piezoeléctricos.

The required gas production volume of the machine ordered by Mr. Michael is 60Nm3/hr.This is the first customer of huilin company in South America. We gratefully produced this nitrogen machine for Mr. Michael. However, our gratitude brought trouble to the customer: the air compressor the customer provided for this machine was too small, resulting in low air pressure produced.Fortunately, the customer enterprise is an old enterprise with a history of more than 50 years. There are many air compressors in their enterprise, and they soon replaced a larger air compressor to support our nitrogen machine, making our nitrogen machine reach the gas production capacity of 80Nm3/hr!The customer gets additional value.Mr. Michael clearly felt our sincerity and immediately acted as our distributor in South America, introducing many customers to us.He also warmly invited us to visit the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio DE janeiro, Brazil.

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