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Introduction to 100L/hr liquid nitrogen machine

Introduction to 100L/hr liquid nitrogen machine

06 Sep 2019

Introduction to 100L liquid nitrogen machine

A complete mixed working medium liquid nitrogen generator includes air compressor, nitrogen generator, nitrogen liquefier, liquid nitrogen tank, and the specifications of each part of the 100L/hr liquid nitrogen machine are as follows:

Air Compressor

Air Output5.92m3/min

Export Pressure :1.0Mpa

Power :37 Kw


Nitrogen Generator

N2 Flow: 120Nm3/h

N2 Purity:99.9

Output Pressure: 0.8MPa

N2 Dew Point: -50℃

Power :1.9 Kw

Dimension(mm): 2650×1850×2600

Nitrogen Liquefier

Capacity: 100L/hr


Dimension(mm):: 6000×2500×3000


Liquid Nitrogen Tank

Volume: 1000L

Dimensions: 2200×1200×1400mm

LN Tank

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