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Liquid nitrogen generator manufacturer in Africa

Liquid nitrogen generator manufacturer in Africa

24 Apr 2019

The customer needs a small liquid nitrogen generator with a production capacity of 35L/hour. This is our advantage product. In this liquid nitrogen production range, our products are invincible! Whether it's performance、quality or price.

The end user is the Ministry of Agriculture of a small country in Africa. It is an embryo breeding project of the Ministry of Agriculture. The characteristics of the client are clear: the economy is underdeveloped or the liquid nitrogen transportation is inconvenient. Obviously, this is our ideal user.

However, we are in contact with a dealer who asks us to bid on our own. The most important thing is that we need to submit a bid bond.

The bid bond is 2% of the target. If our bid amount is $500,000, the bid bond is 2% , which is 10,000 US dollars..

The dealer said that we can also use the bid bond, provided that the bank issuing the letter of guarantee has a branch in the country.

The bank that serves us is the largest bank in the universe: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the result of the consultation: There are really branches in this country, and it is the first big thing in the universe! It’s not a name!

However, the bid bond and the letter of guarantee are the same for us. If the game rules are not , the client can force the bid bond to be forfeited from the bank.

I have probably looked at the bidding documents, and there are still a lot of pits: if the bidding deposit is not paid as required after winning the bid, the bidding deposit is to be forfeited. What is the winning bid? do not know.

How many pits are there? do not know. The rules of the game are made by others.

Why are the dealers not bidding themselves? We can authorize him as our agent.

Tangled: Participating in the bidding? Give up the bid?

 small liquid nitrogen generator

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