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Myanmar customer requirements

Myanmar customer requirements

03 May 2019

I received a message from a customer Edi in Myanmar today asking us to increase the production of his oxygen generator from 5 Nm3/hr to 10 Nm3/hr.

The Myanmar customer Edi bought an oxygen generator at Huilin, which was purchased in September 2013. It has been running for almost 6 years now, The original capacity is 5Nm3/hr, and now it is required to increase the output to 10Nm3/hr. and from the request of the Myanmar customer, there is no doubt: 6 years later, the operating status of this oxygen generator is intact.

The customer told us that the machine is running stably, which is the most exciting thing for Huilin.

The gas production capacity of the psa oxygen machine set by the customer at that time was 5 Nm3/hr. The capacity of the oxygen generator at the time of delivery was 10 Nm3/hr but the capacity of compressed air was only 5 cubic meters per hour, because the air compressor provided Part of the compressed air is given to the pneumatic booster pump, which raises the oxygen pressure to 150 bar for filling. If the pneumatic booster pump is replaced by electric, then the compressed air of the air compressor will be enough to produce 10 cubic meters of oxygen, which is the potential of the previously reserved oxygen generator. Now 6 years later, customers have to tap this potential. Come out and increase the capacity of the oxygen generator to 10 cubic meters.

Replace the pneumatic booster pump with an electric booster pump - HUILIN will soon meet the customer's requirements.

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