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Reply to a UK customer

Reply to a UK customer

09 May 2019

Reply to a UK customer

Dear ***

Received ur email, thank you for your reply!

Your email is full of arrogance and prejudice. Obviously, you didn't take a close look at my email description of my                 product features, nor watch my product video. Of course, You have not compared my products with similar products in           your UK.

Yes, in some areas, British technology is still more advanced than China. This is undeniable (in fact, Britain is far less  advanced than China, and most of China is ahead of the UK). However, in the field of small liquid nitrogen generator, our technology is unparalleled in the world and is the best in the world. Are you still skeptical?

When you talk about leasing, I understand what you mean. The liquid nitrogen machine you are talking about is a giant, with a tall distillation tower that needs a team to manage. Let's take a look at our liquid nitrogen machine. It is like a relatively large refrigerator. Yes, it is a refrigerator. It is very small. Therefore, our liquid nitrogen generator is also called a icebox liquid nitrogen generator. In addition, it is fully automated and requires no dedicated personnel.

Understand, our technology is leading the world.

Guangzhou HUILIN Air Separation Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in producing small liquid nitrogen generator

small liquid nitrogen generator

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