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  • Nitrogen application for laser cutting machine

    Mar , 20 2019
    Many laser cutting applications rely on non-reactive (inert) gases as the assist gas. Nitrogen would be the typical choice for cutting stainless steels, aluminium and its alloys. As a professional gas generation solution manufacturer, we’ll introduce the nitrogen application for laser cutting machine. Features of nitrogen cutting: The main advantages of nitrogen cutting are high cutting quality an...
  • Nitrogen generator will ship to Spain

    Mar , 22 2019
    This is nitrogen gas generator of the Spanish customer, with a purity of 99.5% and a flow rate of 36Nm3/hr. This is the first machine he ordered, and he will take samples for it. He needs a 250Nm3/hr nitrogen gas generator then. The goods ordered before the Spring Festival, but the customer has not been in a hurry to ship, our nitrogen generator has been produced for more than a month. We have a l...
  • Mr. Angel visits

    Mar , 28 2019
    Angel is a supplier to the Ministry of National Defense of Azerbaijan. His business is to purchase equipment and equipment related to fighter aircraft for the Azerbaijan Ministry of National Defense. This time I came to China to purchase aircraft tires, and by the way, visit us. Two years ago, he purchased container type nitrogen generators and container type oxygen generators from our HUILIN comp...
  • Saudi SASO Certificate

    Apr , 01 2019
    This is the SASO certificate that HUILIN has just received, which was issued by TUV. Prove that the HUILIN's PSA nitrogen generators meet Saudi Arabia's product standards. Everyone in the world knows that Saudi Arabia is a local country, but our customer is very cautious and very concerned about the price. He is a middleman who sells our machines to his users. His price is concerned with his own p...
  • Mr. Hong’s visit HUILIN from South Korea

    Apr , 03 2019
    This is Mr. Hong from South Korea. He is a complete set of equipment for the production of beauty products. He purchased our industrial oxygen generators and used them with his equipment to increase the oxygen content in beauty products and improve the activity of beauty products. He used to purchase oxygen generators in South Korea and now plans to purchase from China and use it for a project in ...
  • Nitrogen Generator Selection for Melting Furnace

    Apr , 10 2019
    HUILIN Company specializes in the production of nitrogen generators, and there are a large number of users in the aluminum industry,our website: The customer has two 40-ton melting furnaces, and HUILIN Company needs to design the gas production capacity of the psa nitrogen generator. The purity of the nitrogen required for the melting furnace is 99.999%. The 40-ton melting furnac...
  • Myanmar customer requirements

    May , 03 2019
    I received a message from a customer Edi in Myanmar today asking us to increase the production of his oxygen generator from 5 Nm3/hr to 10 Nm3/hr. The Myanmar customer Edi bought an oxygen generator at Huilin, which was purchased in September 2013. It has been running for almost 6 years now, The original capacity is 5Nm3/hr, and now it is required to increase the output to 10Nm3/hr. and from the r...
  • what is PSA in nitrogen plant

    May , 23 2019
    what is PSA in nitrogen plant   PSA is a new gas separation technology that has been used abroad since the late 1960s and early 1970s. The principle is to separate the gas mixture by using molecular sieves to "adsorb" the difference in gas molecules. It uses air as a raw material to separate nitrogen and oxygen from the air by the selective adsorption of nitrogen and oxygen by a carbon molecu...
  • How does nitrogen generator work?

    May , 29 2019
    How does nitrogen generator work? the nitrogen generator is two towers filled with carbon molecular sieve. When the compressed air get into adsorption tower, the O2, CO2 and H2O is absorbed by carbon molecular sieve, N2 is produced from the export terminal. When one tower produces N2, another tower releases the O2, CO2 and H2O by reducing the pressure to get the renewable desorption of carbon mole...
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