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Nitrogen application for laser cutting machine

Nitrogen application for laser cutting machine

20 Mar 2019

Many laser cutting applications rely on non-reactive (inert) gases as the assist gas. Nitrogen would be the typical choice for cutting stainless steels, aluminium and its alloys. As a professional gas generation solution manufacturer, we’ll introduce the nitrogen application for laser cutting machine.

Features of nitrogen cutting:

The main advantages of nitrogen cutting are high cutting quality and wide processing range, but also high cost. Below we can elaborate on the above characteristics by comparison with oxygen cutting.

1) Cutting quality

According to the auxiliary gas used, the laser cutting machine can be divided into two types of cutting methods: oxygen and nitrogen. In Oxygen is involved in the combustion of oxygen, and the melting temperature is close to the boiling point. High temperature causes the reaction to be severe and cannot be Ensure that the section is smooth; in addition to the oxidation reaction, the increased heat affected zone, the cutting quality is relatively poor,It is prone to quality defects such as slit width, section twill, surface roughness and weld slag. Nitrogen cutting medium The material is completely melted by laser energy, and the nitrogen blows out the slit and avoids unsuitable chemical reactions. Melting point region The temperature is relatively low, coupled with the cooling and protection of nitrogen, the reaction is stable and uniform, and the cutting quality is high.The section is fine and smooth, the surface roughness is low, and there is no oxide layer.

2) Cutting cost

The price of high purity nitrogen is three times that of high purity oxygen. Oxygen cutting air pressure requirements (1 ~ 4) * 105Pa, nitrogen Gas is required (10 ~ 140 * 105Pa. For example, cutting 2MM thick stainless steel plate, oxygen requires pressure 4*105Pa, gas consumption 2.3m3/h, nitrogen corresponds to 14*105Pa, 15.2m3/h. Laser cutting machine High power is required for nitrogen cutting, which increases energy consumption. The combined cost of nitrogen cutting is more than 15 times that of oxygen cutting. Oxygen generally purchases liquid oxygen. If nitrogen is used on-site production by nitrogen generators, the cost of nitrogen can be reduced.

3) Processing range

Oxygen-assisted combustion increases heat and increases cutting thickness. The advantage lies in low cost, the main application In carbon steel. Nitrogen does not assist combustion, and the melting zone temperature is low. It is suitable for processing low melting point materials such as aluminum and brass.material. The laser cutting machine nitrogen protection slit is not oxidized, and can also be used for non-oxidative cutting of stainless steel.

HUILIN Air Separation Equipment

HUILIN Air Separation Equipment

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