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Nitrogen generator will ship to Spain

Nitrogen generator will ship to Spain

22 Mar 2019

nitrogen gas generator

This is nitrogen gas generator of the Spanish customer, with a purity of 99.5% and a flow rate of 36Nm3/hr. This is the first machine he ordered, and he will take samples for it. He needs a 250Nm3/hr nitrogen gas generator then.

The goods ordered before the Spring Festival, but the customer has not been in a hurry to ship, our nitrogen generator has been produced for more than a month.

We have a lot of such customers, and we have been in our warehouse after ordering the goods, which makes our workshop very Crowded. However, we only have no choice but to accept it. This is also the trust our customers place in us.

The longest delivery period is wall from the Egyptian. He came to our company in 2012, ordering in 2014, transportation in 2016, commissioning in 2018, and a full six years. However, the nitrogen generator is now just commissioned and still lying quietly in his factory, because his production line has not yet started.

The nitrogen generator in Spain is will be shipped, and the customer has other goods. We will put the same container in Foshan.

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