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Muḥammad visit - Huilin liquid nitrogen generator

Muḥammad visit - Huilin liquid nitrogen generator

20 Mar 2019
Muḥammad is calling, it looks like a China watcher: there is a mobile phone number in China. When he heard that there was a small liquid nitrogen generator, he needed in our workshop, he Can not conceal the surprise, and immediately said that he would visit our factory the next day.

HUILIN Small Box Type Liquid Nitrogen Generator

Due to the ultra-low temperature performance of liquid nitrogen, So have irreplaceable effects at many places, the transportation of liquid nitrogen is inconvenient, resulting in the high cost of using liquid nitrogen in many places, and often the situation that liquid nitrogen cannot be purchased. Buy a liquid nitrogen machine? Forget it, millions of dollars of investment, hundreds of square meters of factory buildings, a large team of managers, general small laboratories and other units can not afford. This is the case with traditional liquid nitrogen generator, which can only be purchased by large companies.

HUILIN icebox liquid nitrogen generator is undoubtedly the pride of Chinese manufacturing. A machine of the same size as a icebox can automatically produce liquid nitrogen, unattended and automatic operation. The laboratory can directly purchase one, and can produce liquid nitrogen as long as it is powered on, which fundamentally solves the problem of the source of liquid nitrogen in the embryo experiment.

The principle of the liquid nitrogen machine of the refrigerator is very simple. In fact, it is similar to the icebox, except that we have a mixture of various refrigerants with more powerful cooling functions. These refrigerant mixtures reduce the temperature to -196 ℃ Celsius like a relay race, and the nitrogen becomes Liquid nitrogen. Its maintenance is as simple as a icebox, and anyone with experience in icebox repair can easily use and repair it.

Such a icebox liquid nitrogen generator is particularly suitable for laboratories that are inconvenient in transportation, relatively remote, and can also be used for quick-frozen seafood fishing in the ocean.

As a leading gas generator manufacturer from China, HUILIN export all types of PSA nitrogen generator over 10 years. If you’re interested in liquid nitrogen generator for laboratories and quick freezing of food industry, visit us,our

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