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Nitrogen Generator Selection for Melting Furnace

Nitrogen Generator Selection for Melting Furnace

10 Apr 2019

HUILIN Company specializes in the production of nitrogen generators, and there are a large number of users in the aluminum industry,our website:

The customer has two 40-ton melting furnaces, and HUILIN Company needs to design the gas production capacity of the psa nitrogen generator.

The purity of the nitrogen required for the melting furnace is 99.999%.

The 40-ton melting furnace requires 10 bottles of nitrogen gas when discharging the slag. Each bottle of gas is 6 cubic meters in standard state, so the amount of nitrogen used for each slag is 60 cubic meters. This gas consumption needs to be used up to half an hour, so there must be a gas storage tank that can store 60 cubic meters of nitrogen.

It is recommended that the user use a nitrogen generator with a gas production capacity of 30 Nm3/hr and a gas storage tank capable of loading 60 cubic meters of nitrogen for two hours. As long as the two melting furnaces do not use nitrogen at the same time (interval for more than two hours), It can meet the nitrogen requirements of two melting furnaces.

It is recommended to use a 15 cubic nitrogen storage tank. When the stored nitrogen pressure is 6 bar, 90 cubic meters of nitrogen can be stored. Since the nitrogen pressure of the melting furnace is at least 2 bar, the effective nitrogen volume stored is 60 cubic meters, which fully satisfies the melting furnace. The need for gas.

In addition, the customer also has two 25-ton holding furnaces. The capacity of the holding furnace is very small, and the capacity of the nitrogen generator to supply the melting furnace can fully meet the requirements of the holding furnace.

In summary, the nitrogen generator program is: nitrogen purity 99.999%, gas production capacity: 30Nm3 / hr, gas storage tank 15 cubic meters.

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