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Small size mobile box type nitrogen generator

The whole nitrogen machine is in the box, beautiful shape, easy to move.The highest purity is 99.9995%.
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Small size 99.9995% high purity box type nitrogen generator 

99.9995% high purity nitrogen gas generator making machine, N2: 0-500ml /min (220v), Huilin nitrogen making machine is optimal designed and durable,  the structure of the equipment is compact and the size is small, so this machine is easy to clean. Our Nitrogen Generator has many advantages, such as high purity, simple process, full automation, low operating cost and so on. we also supply other small nitrogen generator for your needs.


High purity,N2 purity could be regulated between 99.99% with 99.999% to meet needs of SMT production;

Energy conservation,the power consumption of one cubic meter nitrogen is about 0.42Kw/hr;

Low dew point,N2 dew point<-40℃to ensure the quality of welding;

Standard models, simple compatibility.



N2 Output

N2 Purity

Nitrogen Pressure

Dew Point




 0.2Mpa less than the pressure of gas source.(Adjustable)













1、Food preservation by filling in nitrogen, agitation of beverages.

2、Nitrogen protection and filling of injection solution,transfusion and oral liquid in pharmacy industry
3、Chemical and new material industries: chemical ,urethane elastic fiber, rubber, plastic, tyre, polyurethane, biological technology, intermediate , etc.
4、Electronic industry:  peak welding, circumfluence welding, piezoelectricity, electronic porcelain, electronic copper tape, battery, electronic alloy material , etc.

Why choose us

1. We have more than 10 years of experience in air separation equipment and have rich experience in facing all difficulties.

2. Our delivery cycle is short. The soonest we can deliver the goods is 15 working days since we pay the deposit.

3.We have professional engineers in charge of after-sales service, which can be provided anywhere in the world.

4. we have a unique technology, so that the life of the molecular sieve more than 10 years.

5.All our machines are fully automated and there is no need for guards.

6. Our machines save 10%~20% more energy than our counterparts.

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