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PSA Nitrogen Gas Generator For Food Industry

All pipes are stainless steel.Used for food preservation and packaging.
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PSA Nitrogen Gas Generator For Foodstuff


1.N2 purity is accurate and reliable due to the result displayed online on numeric meter;
2.Reasonable N2 purity,can be adjusted from 99% to 99.9%;

3.Particular filter of active carbon material,remove tink and peculiar to ensure the pure smell of the material food.
4.Stainless steel pipe meet the material requirement of food industry GMP standard.
5.Equip four grades filters and drier to remove water,oil and impurity of compressed air to make sure N2 generator running smoothly and steady,guarantee life achieve more than 10 years;

6.Ganged pressure,automatic stop once unused gas at the end of the machine;saving compressed air,convenient management.
7.One key ON/OFF after electronic and gas linking,easy installation and operation;


Type specification table of PSA nitrogen making machine for food preservation  


N2 Flow(Nm3/hr)

 N2 Pressure


 External Dimension

 In/Out Nozzle Size

  N2 Dew Point( ℃)
















Nitrogen generator generally function include power and compressed air consumption needed as following form

Item Name




V / Hz /Ф


Air Compressor is not included.



Compressed Air Source











Cmprssd Air Pressure



1. Low-flow nitrogen industry.

2, food packaging industry, such as fruit wholesale supermarket fruit packaging and so on.

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1. We have more than 10 years of experience in air separation equipment and have rich experience in facing all difficulties.

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4. we have a unique technology, so that the life of the molecular sieve more than 10 years.

5. All our machines are fully automated and there is no need for guards.

6. Our machines save 10%~20% more energy than our counterparts.

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