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The oxygen generator ordered by Syria is shipped.

The oxygen generator ordered by Syria is shipped.

The oxygen generator ordered by Syria is shipped.

The goods of Mr. Kamel of Syria can finally be sent out. It has been quietly stored in the warehouse of HUILIN for more than a year.

Mr. Kamel ordered the oxygen generator at HUILIN company last May and paid the deposit on the spot. One month later, HUILIN

 have completed production and are ready to ship. Mr. Kamel paid the remaining payment. Then we wait for the hair

The goods notice has been waiting until today...

I don't know if it was due to war or other reasons, we only received the delivery notice today. But important

Mr. Kamel's oxygen generator is still in the HUILIN company's warehouse, it is complete and intact.
HUILIN company is going to take Mr. Kamel's oxygen generator out of the warehouse, re-commission it again, and then
Ship. After all, after a year of storage, you need to reconfirm the performance of the machine. Hui Lin is negative to the customer

Should we collect some storage fees from Mr. Kamel?

Guangzhou Huilin Air Separation Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in producing oxygen generators。

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