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  • Work efficiency

    Work efficiency

    03 Jul, 2019

    Work efficiency Korean work efficiency Very efficient, can be PK Chinese! The Korean customer's oxygen generator sold to Malaysia needs to be commissioned. I came to our company yesterday and invited our engineers to debug. He arrived at our company at 16:00, and got a visa and ticket for one hour. ...

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  • Acclaim from customers

    Acclaim from customers

    26 Jun, 2019

    Acclaim from customers   Dr. Liao told me :“my friend used your nitrogen generator. He recommended you to me. Through further understanding, I realized that your company brand(HUILIN) is good. So I am looking for you today to carry out technical exchanges...” “HUILIN’s brand is good”, there is ...

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  • Huilin nitrogen generator successfully debugged

    Huilin nitrogen generator successfully debugged

    05 Jun, 2019

    HUILIN nitrogen generator successfully debugged   The nitrogen generator provided by Huilin Company Successful commissioning in Inner Mongolia Deli Aluminum Company   Seeing the big stove on the picture, people familiar with aluminum processing should be clear: this is a melting furnace fo...

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  • Mr. Hong’s inspection

    Mr. Hong’s inspection

    15 May, 2019

    Mr. Hong’s inspection   Mr. Hong from South Korea came to inspect the goods. He said that our oxygen generators are "very beautiful"! Our normal production cycle is 30 days, but the Korean guest is very anxious to complete the production in 15 days. We completed the production of the oxygen gen...

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  • Saudi SASO Certificate for Huilin nitrogen generators

    Saudi SASO Certificate for Huilin nitrogen generators

    08 May, 2019

    Saudi SASO Certificate This is the SASO certificate that HUILIN has just received, which was issued by TUV. Prove that the HUILIN's PSA nitrogen generators meet Saudi Arabia's product standards. Everyone in the world knows that Saudi Arabia is a local country, but our customer is very cautious and v...

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  • How is nitrogen used in the welding process?

    How is nitrogen used in the welding process?

    28 Feb, 2019

    How is nitrogen used in the welding process? Nitrogen is extremely suitable as a protective gas, mainly because of its high cohesive energy. Only under high temperature and pressure (> 500C, >100bar) or with added energy can chemical reaction occur. At present, an effective method to produce n...

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  • About the inlet pressure of the PSA nitrogen generator

    About the inlet pressure of the PSA nitrogen generator

    28 Feb, 2019

    Customers often ask about the air pressure required by the nitrogen generator. The following is a detailed introduction : The best working pressure of the PSA(pressure swing adsorption) nitrogen generator is about 0.8MPa. According to the principle of PSA nitrogen generator, because there are many u...

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  • HUILIN -What do we do?

    HUILIN -What do we do?

    22 Feb, 2019

    ABOUT US------HUILIN Guangzhou Huilin air separation equipment Co,Ltd is a hi-tech company specializing in research and development,manufacture and service of the gas equipment. We are provide nitrogen generator&oxygen generator for a wide variety of applications, superior quality,favourabl...

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  • Our After-sales Services

    Our After-sales Services

    15 Feb, 2019

    Our After-sales Services As a company with ten years of development, design and production of nitrogen generators and oxygen generators,Huilin Company's fast support and considerate service are important guarantees for equipment efficiency and safety investment. Huilin has an engineering and technic...

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